It began in Beaumont, Texas when. . . . 

LaTasha, or “Tasha” as her close friends and family call her, heard her mom and sister sing so beautifully while growing up. She wanted to sing like them also. She started singing in church, then in school. Her grandmother, Barbara Ann Webb, had traveled the world singing in the opera, “Porgy and Bess.” This only intensified Tasha’s desire to sing. She was introduced to classical music at Robert M. Shoemaker High School through her teacher, Tina Montanona, who noticed Tashas’ ability to sight read quickly. Her teacher created a desire in Tasha to be great and to be competitive, and singing classical music also helped her identify with her grandmother. Tasha also participated in bands, like Eternity, where she was able to help her bandmates learn parts and get a crisp sound. This was a highlight for her. Eternity performed in many events and won their talent show. Tasha also hung out at her dad, Richard Simpsons’ recording studio, Ultimate Sound Studio. Richard was one of the top engineers in Houston, Texas. When he saw how serious she was, he became impressed. Tasha moved in with her dad and went to Texas Southern University, majoring in vocal performance. Richard would tell Tasha from time to time how much she reminded him of his mom, Barbara Ann.  While at Texas Southern, Tasha met Donna Scott, CEO and President of Majic Dragon. They became fast friends, singing in the vocal jazz ensemble, taking theory and ear training, cheering each other on in seminar and chopping it up while Tasha, a gifted hair stylist and beautician, would coif Donnas’ hair twice a month. After Donna graduated, she encouraged Tasha from time to time to keep pursing her musical dreams.

Tasha is a coloratura who can sing most genres with ease and credibility. She feels it is time to pick up where she left off from her college studies and finish her desire to make music. This debut project will be edited by her dads’ best friend, David Donaldson, the engineer who co-wrote and mixed the Destiny’s Child hit tune, “Independent Women.” Tasha, herself an independent single divorcee, is ready to go all the way up using her talents to the fullest.