It all started when…

Majic Dragon CEO and President saw Jordan Curry at the musicians lockers in the basement at the Lamont School of Music, the University of Denver. He had his violin case with him. They got to talking. Donna quickly filled him in on her undergraduate piano lecture recital. "The African Connections to Classical Music," where she included the work of Chevalier de Saint Georges, the gifted black violinist, who commissioned the Parish Symphonies, performed in the Concert de Amateurs and founded the Olympique Loge Orchestra. Donna told Jordan how President John Quincy Adams visited France to ask Saint Georges, the top fencer in France to help out in the American Revolution, an offer he refused. Jordan and Donna would chat whenever they could as they scurried to classes. Donna was planning her recital for her MM in Vocal Jazz and was writing the strings arrangements for the song, "Here's to Life." She asked Jordan if he would perform that piece with her and he obliged, along with 4 other string players. However, seeing a clip of  Jordan perform with Kevin Paulo de Miranda, blew her away. Donna was mesmerized by their energy, passion and love for music. She offered to help Jordan and Kevin, as much as she could as a label owner. Her feeling was, "the world needs to hear you two, individually and collectively. Currently, Majic Dragon is helping to release,  Jordan Curry’s single and  classical violin solo “Ysayes’s Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor. There are talks to release an ensemble piece with Jordan and Kevin and Majic Dragon Multimedia couldn't be more excited.