It all started when…

Julian Kelly reached out to Donna Scott, CEO and President of Majic Dragon. Drawn to her eclectic nature, and strong persona, a musical collaboration ensued. Julian started her journey singing professionally at the tender age of 6. An adoptee who believes in equal access to original birth certificates, she pursued music first as a professional pianist, moving later into musical theater. Julian’s crisp and beautiful coloratura voice was honed as she studied with Helen Strine at Peabody. She then studied Opera at Winthrop. She would later star in the National Tour of  “Songs from the Soul,” then went on to perform in various iterations of Dreamgirls. She’s had 3 albums to date. Her first album, “Family Reject,” earned accolades and the songs “Generation" and “Us” are eligible for Gold Status in various countries. Her second album “Christmas Love,” was followed by her critically acclaimed third album “Alive,” which focused on what it meant to be alive. Critic Brett Stewart described “Fish of Plenty,” a song from the album, as a “lyrical masterpiece.” Her voice and her style are uniquely hers, writes Independent Music News.” The magazine went on to say that “perhaps better than many songwriters of our era, she’s brilliant at zooming in and out of songs, presenting the big picture by showing the tiny minute details. There are few songwriters that write like this anymore, and that she’s still doing it is reason to rejoice.”

Majic Dragon Multimedia is certainly rejoicing at the addition of Julian Kelly to its roster of musicians. We are sure you will be too.